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At LeafSpring Schools, we empower children to discover their individual gifts and talents so they can “learn early, live well, and lead.”


LeafSpring School at Wyndham

Providing a program where your child can develop practical skills, that will lead them to make meaningful contributions to the world around them. Helping them grow through their educational journey and prepare for their life ahead.

Private Kindergarten Overview

  • Curriculum

    • Our school is dedicated to creating a nurturing environment with enriched daily experiences to help motivate and cultivate individuality. Our proprietary curriculum focuses on experiential learning to gain real world knowledge and skills. We use a balanced approach between guided instruction and Project Based Learning, allowing exploration and connection between disciplines. Teachers use Virginia Standards of Learning as a benchmark to guide their objectives and learning outcomes. Through our innovative teaching practices children will have the opportunity to develop natural leadership skills, become life long learners, and responsible citizens.


      Language Arts

      We believe literacy skills are the foundation for multi-disciplinary success. Through hands on experiences teachers take a student centered approach to teaching phonemic awareness, reading and writing.  Instruction is guided through whole group, small group and individual practice. Penmanship and keyboarding skills are developed using a supplement curriculum through Learning Without Tears.

      We also use the Writing Workshop curriculum and teaching approach develop our students writing. The workshop approach was designed by Lucy Calkins. Ultimately the workshop approach provides the opportunity to truly individualize and meet the students where they are with their writing and skills.  The entire approach allows students to fall in love with writing.

      In language arts we will focus on the following areas:

      1. Oral Language
      2. Writing
      3. Phonological Awareness
      4. Print Awareness
      5. Vocabulary
      6. Comprehension
      7. Appreciation for Literature


      At LeafSpring School we believe mathematics goes beyond rote memorization. We guide children to explore various pathways to solve a problem which builds their critical thinking skills, and thought process along the way.

      To supplement our standards we use Everyday Mathematics 4:

      “Children who use Everyday Mathematics develop a deeper understanding of math as well as powerful, life-long habits of mind such as perseverance, creative thinking, and the ability to express and defend their reasoning.” (mheducation.com)

      We will focus on the following areas:

      1. Number and Number Sense
      2. Computation and Estimation
      3. Measurement and Geometry
      4. Probability and Statistics
      5. Patterns, Functions, and Algebra

      STEM and Social Sciences

      Our qualified teachers use Project Based Learning (PBL) as one of their main strategies for teaching STEM and Social Science standards. PBL is a teaching strategy that requires an in depth study of a subject conducted by the children. With PBL children learn and practice the standards of learning in meaningful and practical ways. With the teacher as their guide, students will plan, research, compile, and present their findings on various topics throughout the year. Students can be introduced to economics by creating a classroom business or they can practice inquiry and research skills in a project about animal habitats.


  • Why Project Based Learning?

    • “Research confirms that PBL can help students be successful in today’s rapidly changing and complex world, by developing a broader set of knowledge and skills as well as improving academic achievement.” Buck Institute for Education. Why PBL? PBL Works. Retrieved from https://www.pblworks.org/why-project-based-learning

      PBL uses critical thinking, collaboration, and communication to teach key life skills while gaining new knowledge. Here are 5 reasons why we love Project Based Learning!

      1. Collaboration: Children learn to work together to achieve a common goal. The class will work on their projects together as a whole. This requires development and practice on key social skills needed to succeed!
      2. In-Depth Understanding: Conducting hands on research and extending learning on a subject of interest so children can move beyond simply memorizing facts.
      3. Critical Thinking: Children will learn to look at problems and search for solutions.
      4. Ownership: PBL allows children to take charge of their learning. The more ownership they have the more likely they are to succeed!
      5. Project Management: Children will learn how to plan and take action to complete their project. These are key life skills!

  • The Village

    • Never worry about what your child will be doing on days out of school again. The Village offers reliable care for days out (even inclement weather and breaks!).

      Our accredited before and after School (The Village) is fully included in your tuition. Your child will have an opportunity to build lasting relationships with peers and counselors, receive mentoring opportunities, and build leadership skills.

      Learn more here:

      The Village

  • Our Campus

    • Our campus offers a unique learning environment meant to promote engagement and flexibility. In short, your child will not be stuck in a desk all day! We believe all children need an environment in which to move about with ample age appropriate equipment and materials. We believe in providing spaces that children feel comfortable in so they can they can stimulate their mind and body. We offer children flexible seating and a wide variety of spaces in which to explore.

      In addition we offer large playgrounds furnished with age appropriate equipment and relaxing outdoor spaces allowing your child to recharge in nature.

      Onsite is also our Get Well Place where nurses partner with teachers and parents to promote the success of each child. To learn more about what Get Well Place has to offer go here:

      The Get Well Place

  • What is included?

      • *Specials Courses (art, P.E., music, cultural studies)
      • The Village (before and after school care)
      • Meals (morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack, and late p.m snack)
      • **Supply shopping
      • **Field trips
      • Get Well Place Services


      *specific courses offered subject to change

      *fees apply

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